Add millions to your bottom line – remember the price index!

Many agreements and contracts with a term of 3–5 years or longer contain a clause about annual price adjustments in relation to the price index. The aim is obviously to neutralise the effect of inflation, and clauses like these are usually standard and acceptable to most clients. However, what often happens in reality is that many organisations forget to make these adjustments. Most people have busy jobs, and the people who were once responsible for this may have changed jobs or left a company. Sometimes people forget to allow for the adjustments ahead of time, and sometimes people don’t know how to do them correctly. And most importantly, people don’t adjust the prices in the ERP/invoicing system.

The Complete Control Integration module deals with contract price adjustments, and is fully integrated with Statistics Norway. It ensures that you never again lose out on an important source of revenue that is already built into your customer contracts.