8 good reasons why Complete Control is best in the cloud

Cloud-based control is best for: security, implementation, development, updates, stability … There are many good reasons why we have moved Complete Control to the cloud.

Complete Control has provided our customers with a fast, user-friendly and accurate overview of the company’s assets, liabilities, agreements and revenue streams for more than ten years. For the latest version of Complete Control, we chose to create a cloud-based solution.


Our transition to the cloud has been a success, with House of Control doubling new sales in 2018 compared with 2017. This growth is paved with significant product benefits for users.


  1. Implementation. With a cloud-based solution, you can eliminate the time and the resources it normally takes to implement a new IT solution in your company’s local server environment.


  1. Stability. There are many good local servers, but virtually none of them can compete with cloud-based operation when it comes to uptime.


  1. Availability and mobility. You never know when you will need access to precise reports about your company’s future cash flow, but you know that the cloud is always available – and from anywhere. Naturally, Complete Control has a responsive user interface, and works just as well on both traditional computers and mobile devices.


  1. Development. Our developers are constantly creating new functionality and improving the performance of our Complete Control solution. When the system is updated in the cloud, all users have immediate access to the changes – unlike with local updates for new versions.


  1. Support. When users work in our cloud-based solution, they are always in the same environment and version as our support staff. Another benefit of working in the cloud is that there are no complications related to your in-house operating environment.


  1. Security. Every day we hear about local servers being hacked, but the radically higher security for cloud-based storage and operation means that successful hacker attacks are almost non-existent. The cloud also removes the risk of data loss if you should experience operational failure on your local servers.


  1. Scalability. Do you want your company to grow through acquisitions or organic growth? With a cloud-based overview of liabilities, agreements and revenues, your control is as scalable as your growth ambitions.


  1. User experience. This is a result of all of the above. When optimal business management becomes even more seamless than before, users are both more satisfied and more efficient.


Do you want to know more about cloud-based control of your company’s assets, liabilities, agreements and revenues?