We have launched a turbo service for ROI

Complete Service Agreement is the name of the service that enhances our customers’ benefits, enjoyment and profits from using Complete Control. The service strengthens training and support, and it includes a couple of very pertinent “goodies”.

Would it be useful for your company to have an active database where you have registered all agreements that trigger different processing requirements in line with GDPR – the new data protection regulations? A database where a status report is only a few clicks away when you receive a request from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority?

Or what about free security labels on computer equipment and other assets, linked to a 24-hour control centre? These labels will help you recover not only stolen equipment, but also things that are lost and forgotten.

These two services are perks that are included when you sign a Complete Service Agreement with House of Control. This is a service we are launching primarily to improve customer satisfaction even faster, including increased profits from using Complete Control.

This new service came about thanks to feedback from our most eager customers. We see that our customers are more satisfied the more of their employees are active users of Complete Control, the more they register in the system and the more often it is used. That increased use produces more satisfied customers, speaks to the power of the tool: customers cut costs, gain increased control and reduce dependence on individuals – three things on every CFO’s wish list.

We know that increased knowledge of the benefits will increase usage. With Complete Service Agreement, our customers receive up to two annual courses for all internal users. The courses provide training in how to use Complete Control optimally, and participants are kept up-to-date on new functionality. The courses can also include clean-up and changes to the basic structure, changing how the database is used.

Do you need more training? You also receive free participation in our webinars, and if you need practical support, we will give you a 30 per cent discount on consulting hours.

We have created Complete Control to make it easy for users to have a comprehensive overview of assets, agreements, liabilities and the company’s running revenues. However, regardless of how great the solution is, over time it may be necessary to audit what you have registered in the database. That’s why we have included an annual audit in Complete Service Agreement.

We are certain that these benefits make an attractive package for our users. This is because we developed the service precisely based on feedback from a number of our customers, who told us that they wanted easier access to training and consultancy services from our experts.

Our customers enjoy a more predictable cost for using and developing the solution. In addition, you have all the above-mentioned benefits related to our security labels and GDPR. As one of our customers jokingly said: With this service, House of Control is taking its own medicine – it suits you!

Why don’t we have a chat about how you can be even more satisfied users of Complete Control?