House of Control: Solid growth that benefits our customers

House of Control is experiencing excellent growth in the first part of 2018. That is good news for our customers: now, House of Control is investing even more in innovation, quality and good user experiences.

More and more Norwegian and Nordic customers are using the solutions from House of Control. This has resulted in a sales growth of over 100 per cent in the first half of 2018, and forecasts for the whole year predict a turnover of almost NOK 90 million.

“We are positioned to reach our sales targets for 2018,” says CEO Lasse Sten. “It will be a milestone when House of Control becomes one of the country’s 50 largest software developers.”

What will that mean for your customers?

“They say that people judge themselves based on what they will be able to do in the future, while others judge you based on what you have actually already done and achieved. This fits well with the way I look at House of Control: since I started the company, I obviously believed we would succeed. Viking Venture bought 55 per cent of the company when we had something to show. And now we see that growth and size make it easier to achieve customer confidence,” says Sten.

What’s your secret?

“The growth we have achieved is a direct function of what is often called the company’s value proposition. To put it simply: our customers have received huge direct and indirect benefits from using the Complete Control software. That is because we have given the CFO (and other managers) the key to solving many old challenges related to overview and control. With elegant solutions and reports, the CFO has almost become a hero among the executives and in the boardroom. The tool is easy to use and priced to provide a fast return on investment (ROI). This has given us very many ambassadors and a correspondingly very low loss of existing customers.

Over the past year, House of Control has invested more and more in the people behind the perceived quality and the customers’ perceived value.

“In practice, that means we have strengthened support, we have become more people helping customers get started with our solutions, giving customers access to more ongoing consultancy services, we have employed industry experts and – recently – appointed a dedicated customer success manager. All in all, we have never felt more certain that we will fulfil our customers’ ever increasing expectations – and then some!” explains Sten.

“But even if we think we have a solid value proposition, it’s not like we have new customers standing at our office doors every morning. Things have not happened by themselves because future customers are rarely looking for solutions to the problems we help solve. Quite the contrary, our first ten years were more reminiscent of a continuous revival campaign with active and outreaching preachers. Without a motivated and competent sales force (our preachers), consisting of people who understand our customers both as a person and as a company, we would never have been able to generate the growth. Yes, our sales staff has undoubtedly had a good product to sell, but virtually every new customer has been the result of convincing arguments and good follow-up.

“In summary, we have a solid value proposition, which we are now in the process of strengthening, and a sales force capable of convincing customers that they need us,” says the entrepreneur.