Budget for growth!

Do you have the liquidity to finance the new appointments you are planning for August 2019? The best starting point for answering that question is a reliable budget – and full control of the income and expenses that are already “bankers”.

In our last newsletter, we shared six ways to make more effective projections. This time, we’re moving on to budget planning, of which the projections should ideally be a part.

Overview of strategic actions
When it is time to put the strategy into practice and convert it into tangible actions, the question that inevitably arises is: can we afford it? No matter whether you are a CFO or a controller, good budget planning is a part of your craft and a key aspect of your role.

The ideal situation is a complete overview of future liquidity flows in all parts of the organisation. A lot of people still use spreadsheets, but enterprises stand to gain appreciable benefits by upgrading to a fully automated solution.

Complete Control makes it easy for users to generate a full overview of future expenses and income linked to ongoing agreements. This translates into more than “just” quick and accurate budget processes and illustrative reports. It also lets you lay the foundations for cutting out unnecessary costs, thus freeing up liquidity for upscaling the enterprise’s activities.

User-friendly SaaS solution generates fast ROI
Users stand to reap the benefits over and over again, year after year; for example, when a rent agreement is registered in Complete Control, the future obligations can be entered with the agreed index regulations. Automation reduces the risk of error, improves accuracy and makes it possible to take informed business decisions based on comprehensive reporting and analysis of the available data.

Complete Control features an attractive and user-friendly interface, combined with intuitive functionality. This means that you and your colleagues can start working with it quickly. Moreover, delivered as a cloud-based service (SaaS), Complete Control is a peerless solution with regard to security, stability and the implementation of updates.

We at House of Control are devoted to ensuring that you can spend as much time as possible focusing on those parts of the budget which, by their very nature, are uncertain. This is because time spent on charting the obvious is wasted time. The entries you know will be appearing over the coming year – on both sides of the profit line – are the ones that should be quicker to budget for.

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can use our smart software to help you prepare your budgets faster and more accurately!