Full overview of all agreements in five companies

With its flexible and attractive walls, Modulvegger AS is bringing order to offices all over Norway. Find out how the company brought order to its own “agreement jungle”.

“I’ve shredded a lot of paper over the past couple of days. When you have filing responsibility for all agreements for deliveries to five offices, you’ll naturally have a lot of paper to deal with,” relates Laila Karlsen, Group Controller and IT Manager at Modulvegger Oslo AS.

If you work in an office, it is quite likely that you are familiar with the products Modulvegger manufactures, sells and delivers. The modern factory in Åmot – just down from the point where water from Tyrifjord flows into the Drammenselva river – is where the company makes its well-known glass partitions.

Much better overview
Laila Karlsen works at the company head office on Ensjø in Oslo. In addition to the agreements for the factory and the head office itself, she is the controller for the departments in Oslo, Trondheim and Sarpsborg. Over the past few months, she has entered almost 200 agreements into Complete Control, the cloud-based solution for registering ongoing agreements.

“I’ve entered every type of agreement imaginable: IT contracts, rent agreements, contracts for power supply, telephony and alarm services, insurance policies, sponsorship agreements, photocopier contracts and more besides … In just a short time, it’s become clear that I now have a much better overview than I had with hard-copy contracts and email attachments,” says Laila.

She is also entering old and expired agreements, as this makes it easier to compare prices with current deliveries and future offers.

Mess was expensive and stressful
“There’s no doubt that the way we worked before was both stressful and expensive. We spent far too much time hunting down agreements which we can now call up with a couple of keystrokes. We used to scan the agreements and then had to enter follow-up reminders in the diary manually. With Complete Control, we now receive automated notifications. The consequence of our former cumbersome follow-up procedures was that we involuntarily renewed agreements that were too expensive and/or no longer relevant to Modulvegger.”

– What was it like to start working with the new software?

– I found it simple and intuitive. And in those situations where I did need a hand, I immediately received all the help I needed from our contact at House of Control. Entering the agreements is, of course, quite an investment from the perspective of the time it takes, but I can already see it’s paying off in the form of improved overview, less searching, faster access and better follow-up. As the Group Controller, I can also see how quickly we can put all our current expenses into the budget.

Less HR-dependent
– What’s the next thing you’ll be putting into Complete Control?

– We want a better overview of – and less HR dependency on – our vehicles and the tools our 70 or so project managers and fitters use. Take the tools for example: in all, they are worth hundreds of thousands of kroner. It makes good financial sense to know precisely what we have, and who has it, as this helps us avoid unnecessary duplicate purchases. It also makes sense to have a full overview of the warranty periods on each individual tool. And finally, it’s good from a financial perspective to be sure of what we should be getting back if someone quits.