Thank you to everyone who helped make 2018 a new record year for us

“Really good” in 2017 became “Much better” in 2018 for House of Control. And the outlook for 2019 is even brighter, thanks in part to the business community in Scandinavia having been a fantastic “lab” for product development.

Did you join “Team HoC” last year – or were you already on board as a customer? We promise that the journey has only just begun and that over the coming years we are sure to witness growth, with profits being invested in new, progressively better functionality.

There is good reason why this functionality is there: the success of House of Control (HoC) is based on a set of products that provide highly tangible benefits to our customers. Complete Control, for example, gives customers full control of their contracts, assets, liabilities and current income.

Extreme growth in 2018
We can state with confidence that customers consider this extremely valuable, citing as our evidence an almost negligible drop-off among existing customers. Combined with an active sales organisation and a solid team of customer managers, this resulted in extreme growth for HoC in 2018.

● New sales increased by 65 per cent
● Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) rose by 42 per cent to NOK 80 million
● And turnover increased by 35 per cent, of which ARR accounts for 92 per cent.
● All growth is organic.

“We are humbled – but also quite proud – to note that so many new customers have started using our solutions,” says Lasse Sten, CEO.

Scandinavia is a unique laboratory
Norway remains our biggest market measured on turnover, although the company also achieved solid growth in Denmark and Sweden in 2018, ably supported by strong appointments and skilled leadership in each of the countries. The subscription portfolio doubled on both markets in 2018, as did the number of employees.

“Scandinavian enterprises in both the public and private sectors have served as a fantastic laboratory for our solution. The companies in this part of the world are distinguished by a combination of slimline organisation and a high degree of outsourcing involving multiple subcontractors. It is a veritable jungle of contracts, which Complete Control helps put in order quickly and accurately,” explains Lasse Sten.

Promising outlook for 2019 and beyond
Lasse relates that the future is looking promising, and that the company will continue to grow – outside the Nordic region as well:

“In 2019 we will be launching the fifth generation of Complete Control: ultra-modern and packed with new and exciting functionality. And before long, we will be introducing complementary products that will strengthen our position even further by allowing us to tackle new challenges for our customers. All this will bulk up our organisation as we enter new markets,” he says.

Interested in finding out more about how your business can benefit from our solutions?