The overview you need to cut costs quickly

The coronavirus has created significant uncertainty concerning both the income and the outlooks for many businesses. For any CFO, cost containment is the best self defense. Here’s how to quickly get a complete overview when you need it the most.

The global corona pandemic has suddenly shuttered economic activity world wide. In one business after another, CFOs are tasked with containing costs quickly and sustainably, either alone from their home office or in cooperation with whatever skeleton crew is left at headquarters.

To us at House of Control, this is no time for panic. Still, we appreciate that many CFOs must quickly take measures to ensure the robustness of their businesses in the face of the challenges that are yet to come. Certainty regarding costs and obligations is a decisive factor to enable rapid, panic-free actions.

Our SaaS solution «Complete Control», which has recently been comprehensively upgraded, has for 15 years helped thousands of customers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway in their cost management efforts – both long term and immediate.

Complete Control 5 provides, among other things, the following overviews and benefits:

• A cloud based register detailing all contracts
• Remaining obligations on active contracts like office leases or rental contracts
• Easily look up which employee is responsible for any contract
• Less reliance on individuals
• Alerts when contracts are about to expire

Our employees currently sit at the ready to demonstrate the benefits and functionality of this solution, either via Skype or other «virus safe» platforms your organization may prefer to use these days. Fill out the form below to book a demo or to contact us.

Remember: Cost control is just one of the many benefits that our solution provides. Our prime desire is to help you increase profitability and ascertain control as your business grows. Let’s discuss that in more detail when we meet!