There are many different ways of using House of Control’s system, and Synoptik is another company that is a little different to the norm. Synoptik Norge AS owns the two optical chains Brilleland and Interoptik, and operates a total of around 140 shops in Norway. The 57 Interoptik shops are franchises, while the others are independently owned.

“We have mainly been using House of Control to maintain control of the shops’ rental contracts. We really needed to get an overview of all the contract periods and notice deadlines associated with our contracts, which was not that easy when everything was based on Excel spreadsheets. We now have about 3–4 people using the system. Other people in the company also use the system for reference”.

Nina Tjeldflaat, Financial Controller of Synoptik Norge

The most significant benefit for Synoptik is that there is now much less risk of missing a deadline. When a contract is approaching its expiry date, an automatic email is sent to the person responsible for that contract. This means that they have plenty of time to develop a new plan for the premises, and if necessary renegotiate the terms and conditions.

“Now that all the information has been entered, the system is absolutely brilliant. We have a full digital archive that is so easy to use for anyone who needs to get information from it”.

They also use the system to ensure that all their contracts are in one place – from contracts with franchisees and suppliers of everything from electricity to office equipment, to contracts with their extensive portfolio of corporate clients. The system is also used for reference. The fact that it is so user-friendly means that it is extremely easy to find the contract you are looking for. All the contracts are scanned as attachments, and Synoptik also has a customised front page showing the most important parts of each contract.

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