Tema: Budget control

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Budgeting for those who value their spare time

Is your budget for 2020 not quite there yet, despite the new year having already started? Don’t despair! Here are a few tips on how to finalise a good budget in no time.

How will IFRS 16 affect annual financial statements?

Two auditors and one researcher have examined how IFRS 16 will affect the balance sheet values of leases of listed companies in Norway. This is what they found.

Six ways to make more effective projections

Projections are useful for more than the budget process. Companies with credible projections are preferred by investors and required by banks. Here are six steps for achieving higher precision in your estimates.

Uncertain times for businesses – companies need to brace themselves

Uncertain times in Norway and abroad mean that many companies in competitive sectors will soon have to downsize considerably.

Making outsourcing more profitable

More and more companies are focusing on their core activities and outsourcing the rest. The explosive growth in the B2B market has resulted in running contracts that are signed by companies at every level, from the top to the bottom.