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Why investors applaud when the CFO uses Complete Control

Order, overview and rock-solid control of costs and future liabilities. This is hard currency for companies looking to build investor confidence. Most often, it is the CFO who takes the lead when a company is trying to convince investors that the business would make an attractive acquisition. CFOs throughout the Nordic region are turning to a Norwegian-developed tool to help them make their case.

10 career tips for ambitious CFOs

Curiosity, personal growth, embracing technology... CFOs aiming for the top have a lot on their plate. Below you can read 10 top tips from an acknowledged expert on CFOs.

A guide to the first 100 days as CFO

As a key individual within the company, you must make sure to lay a solid foundation for yourself and your role as CFO from the start. We have studied best practice and prepared a “to do” list for the first 100 days.