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Finally: Signing contracts – and everything else that needs confirmation – digitally

More securely, simply and quickly: House of Control now supports the digital signature of contracts and other documents, in collaboration with Signicat, Europe’s leading provider of verified digital identity solutions.

All in a day's work at House of Control

A high tempo, technical challenges and lots of decisions in a rapidly expanding company. This is all part of the daily routine for the young business and economics graduate, House of Control's Martin S. Nygaard. You can read more about his fulfilling job at the Norwegian SaaS company below.

Doubled sales in 2018 and staffing levels up by 50 per cent in 2019.

House of Control has tripled the worth of its customer portfolio in the last three years. Sales have doubled from 2017 to 2018.This growth is to continue in 2019 when the company will go from 60 to 90 employees.

Viking Venture invests in House of Control

Viking Venture, one of the Nordic region's biggest venture funds, bought 55 per cent of the shares in House of Control Group AS in June 2015.